Did Google Make A Huge Mistake By Selling Motorola?

I just can't help but think that google might have squandered their most significant purchase yet. A GREAT hardware company to go with Google, leaders in software. People raved about how awesome the Moto X was, especially its features, feel in hand, and design. I anxiously awaited for their follow up.


Now, they release yet another smash success with easily the most elegantly designed smart watch on the planet. I honestly don't even think apple's watch would look better (due to it most likely being square). Motorolo is right about the circular design. It's simply superior, and looks absolutely stunning.


I don't think they could have purchased a better hardware manufacturer that could help further google's goals. With this new smartwatch, and the Moto X2, I honestly think Apple would have been worried. Motorola is producing TOP NOTCH quality designs lately and google would have grown to become their equal/superior competitor in terms of making both hardware and software. Not to mention the fact that Htc, samsung, and others seem to be producing lackluster phones this year, the Moto X2 is poised to emerge as a dominant smart phone line. It's a shame that they HAD Motorola in their hands, and simply let them go.

But oh well, hopefully nothing changes for google consumers. I hope lenovo can simply let motorola continue to do what they're doing for the sake of their consumers. However I still believe their potential would have been MUCH higher under google.

Anyway, when does the Moto 360 come out, getting that on day one.