iOS Home screen; Thinking Differently

So, as everyone knows, the iOS home screen is outdated and just plain boring. It lacks the functionality that Android and even WP7 offer in terms of being able to access information at a glance. So, why isn't there a simple way for iOS that allows users to easily view information at a glance (i.e. widgets)? Well, I've thought about this ever since iOS 5 failed to bring us some sort of home screen widget functionality. I originally made these sketches about two years ago just to get ideas flowing and came up with a concept that sort of mashed together the different home screens of iOS, Android, and WP7:



At the time, I did not know my way around photoshop [as well as I do now] so I simply created the sketches and did nothing with them. Then about a year later I had quite some knowledge of Photoshop, so I began to bring this concept to life:



Needless to say, it didn't work. This just wasn't the way Apple would do things, it didn't look right, it felt awkward to look at, it was overall, just a mess. So, frustrated I gave up, thought it would never work. Then last week as I was going through an old iPad of mine, I found those old sketches and thought I'd take another crack at it and, here it is:



App icons are now dynamic, they can be many different sizes, and show information quickly and simply without having to go in to the app. Some apps may display information, others might provide shortcuts, and some apps can remain static. The home screen scrolls up and down instead of left to right (although you can have it both ways)

So, what do you guys think? Good? Bad? Should something be different? All feedback is welcomed.