Most Influential Games Of All Time

This is the list of Most Influential Games Of All Time. We have picked the titles whose game-play have inspired future designers and establish new genres and also we have listed these games chronologically (not ranked in by order of importance)

space invaders

Platform: Arcade

Released: 1978

Back in 1978 video games were still figuring out what they wanted to be and it took an alien invasion to point the industry in a non Ping-Pong. Space Invaders wasn't the first video game to become a phenomenon Pong has arrived 6 years earlier but Pong didn't create it's own gaming genre or inspired future designers as Space Invaders did. Thing like saved high score, top down enemy swarms and bottom of the screen ship setup. Space Invaders created the shoot-em up and influenced to Galaga, Centipede and some modern day classics.


Platform: Apple 2

Released: 1980

When the Dungeons and dragons craze began sweeping America in 1980's parents were so terrified that they bought there kids personal computers from the clear satanic practice of rolling dice and acting like elf's. Fortunately Richard Garriott was one step ahead of them. By creating Ultima he create a solid foundation for future computer RPG's and firs person views with a fantasy story line and character customization. Ultima gave gamers evil wizards, item shops, dungeons crawling, gem touching quest and a ton of other features that became gaming convection. From the Elder Scroll series to Dragon Quest modern RPG's have taken more than one page out of Ultima'a magic book.

Karate Champ

Platform: Arcade

Relesed: 1984

Techno's martial art cabinet establish the one on one fighting game with the side perspective. It may be not the first game tech but it was the first to catch on and likely the first seen in US. Players wore two outfits ie., white and red the same outfit wore by Street Fighter's Ryu and Ken. Karate Champ include a bonus round in between players had to dodge flying objects and break boards with there fists you know the usual karate stuff. In addition to street fighter Konami's Kung-Fu and Mortal Kombat also called Karate Champ sensai.


Platform: All of them

Released: 1989

While America launched the video game industry in the 70's one men deep in Moscow was programming a little game called Tetris that will soon rule the world. While in 80's video games were still regarded as fancy toys for the younger generation, Tetris showed adults that there were high minded challenges to be found in video game just as Solitaire and crossword puzzle and the modern puzzle game genre sprung up over night. Games like Dr. Mario, puyo puyo continued to carry the torch but the the endless falling shapes of the Tetris were the very first to haunt gamers dream.

Super Mario Bros.

Platform: NES

Relesed: 1985

By that time Nintendo needed Shigeru Miyamoto to create a hit for it's home console NES. Miyamoto was ready to take everything he learned for making arcade games like Donkey Kong and smash it on to little bits, out of the rebel came Super Mario Bros. A side-scroller whose variety of characters, tight controls, catchy music and linear yet exploratory field set a video game slandered for years to come. The story was thin but atleast it was there and the ability to warp between levels was a revolutionary change from the super linear nature of previous games. Miyamoto's master piece paved the way for future of video games and it's influenced stands today.

Wolfenstein 3D

Platforms: PC

Released: 1992

When Wolfenstein 3D came out in 1992 PC gamers were introduced to a Nazi hunting world war 2 story line surfaces with actual textures, a first person gun grasping hand, switchable weapons, ammunition counts and a host of others innovations that would become slandered FPS fairs in years to come. Although it's younger sibling Doom and Quake got the most attention, neither would have existed without Wolfenstein 3D countless others to Duke Nukem to Bioshock are inspired from Wolfenstein 3D.

Dune 2

Paltform: PC

Released: 1992

When Dune 2 hit the stage in 1992 everything changed in the world of PC strategy gaming. With Dune 2 West wood studios popularized the real time strategy sub-genre and leave the ground work for many beloved successors. From Warcraft to Command and Conquer. Other Strategy games had already introduced real time elements but Dune 2 demanded split second decision making to strategic thinking and it focused not only on uni production and attacking but also resource gathering and structure building. Dune 2's deep technology trees, world maps, framed interface, master controls and fog of war feature set a gold slandered for gold for future RTS game.

Super Mario 64

Platform: Nintendo 64

Released: 1996

In 1996 most developers were playing safe with forward scrolling level design and fixed cameras and why not D-pad controls and low polygon environments were the norm. Nintendo then shock and bring the industry into a new era of 3D gaming Super Mario 64. Miyamoto and his team at EAD had practically custom designed the N64 to bring there vision to life. Mario 64 broke new ground creating a fully realized 3d world, ultra sensitive analog controls and industry leading level design. All typer of gamers were able to emerge themselves into the inspiring 3D world. It became a gold standard that paved the way for other brilliant platforms including banjo kazooie.


Paltform: PC

Released: 1998

When Valve software's Half Life came out in 1998 the entire video game industry took immediate notice. Gone with the cut scenes, traditional levels and thin story line found in FPS, in there place players found a great story, scripted ending, episodic chapters and a cohesive approach that still set the tone for many First Person game today. Wondering around the black Mesa facility gamers felt like they are in a real place complete with believe characters and dynamic enemies driven by cutting edge artificial intelligence. Half-Life influence on gaming can't be over stated and countless modern shooters have borrowed it's naretive approch to game design.

Grand Theft Auto 3

Platform: PlayStation 2

Released: 2001

Grand Theft Auto 3 threw gamers into the sandbox and gave the keys to a living cities. Never before have we felt so much freedom in game world. We could work our way to the non-linear story or not, the game offered tons of side missions, mini games and free play opportunities. Saint's Row, Crack Down, Just Cause etc are games adapted from Grand Theft Auto 3. The driving aspect led to title like The Getaway series, Simpsons hit and run and Burnout.