Different perspective: Do other countries not do enough militarily?

Is the reason why it appears that the Anglo-sphere 'polices the world' because other countries don't do enough to protect the lives/rights of people outside of their country?

This includes not only active deployments, but de-nuclearization agreements, and pacts to defend borders of other countries to ensure their independence - something which is currently an obligation for only the US and UK to take against Russia's occupation of Crimea.

It has been too easy for people of other nations to berate the US and UK and to pretend that their military's actions in the past 20 years or so have been for completely personal benefit - if we are to look negatively on those two countries shouldn't we consider the same of Japan and Spain etc for not taking similar actions? Do they not act because they see no personal benefit or do they decide that internal economics outweigh external social reasons?

Please note: I'm asking this from a set perspective (not entirely my own) to get some thoughts, so it will inherently appear that I am pushing an agenda - but I'm not naive to think its entirely black and white, but I do feel it has been portrayed this way, especially in wars like Iraq.