Through the Cerebrum of Xavier (Chromedroid - Now?)

As a mature OS Android has come to a steady yet slow pace in terms of evolving. However, this is to be expected right? With the release of 4.4 Kitkat the UI has brighten significantly in some places and has stayed the same in other places. We discussed the UI of Android in our last chapter ( Through the Cerebrum of Xavier (Android Design & UI) ) we compared and contrast. OEMs seem to be running out of ideas, and innovation is lacking causing the OS to feel a little stale. It's a feature rich OS, executing task like no other mobile OS currently. A powerhouse of diversity, customization that has become bland due to repetitive mindless iterations. Maybe just maybe there's a point to this, maybe something much more amazing is coming our way. Is it a Google Now centric Android, or maybe Chrome Droid.


It's kind of easy to see coming, but with all the denying rumors from the horses mouth itself why should we believe the two would ever merge? I mean after all there's only "Chromebook" "Chromecast" Google Chrome" the next logical step would be to merge all three with the addition of "Chromedroid" - Google is slowly gaining the reputation that Android is not a priority this ridiculous perception of course comes from angry fan boys of the platform who wish that Google would release something amazing or simply brilliant with every point release. The perception that ad revenue makes up for the majority of Google's income however is true. Let's not forget Ads are on Android in apps, they've even made their way into the official Google apps in the form of "Recommendations" for your use case. Which brings me us to Google Now. . Google-watch-mockup-render_medium

No doubt with any new version of Android, Google Now will play more of a major role, more than ever each time. My theory is that our new make believe version of Android "Chromedroid" will be a Google Now Centric OS. With integration touching every inch of the mobile OS. This is exciting, it's already in the launcher and we can already use it for various task, not to mention they've made a few ways to access it in your time of need. Google Now, will be in your watch, it's already making it's way or has made it's way to our computers, next we should see it on our Chromecast integrated into the interface some how.

What about Google TV? Maybe ChromeTV? Maybe version 7.0 (Insert tasty desert name here) will finally merge all these Chrome services and platform into Android. Maybe this is when they will announce Chromedroid. Maybe not, but how cool would it be to see Google Now on your TV telling you that your show starts in 5mins with a detailed description on this weeks episode.

You see. . . we are getting beyond the point of new pretty hardware, new UI's, new pointless gimmicks and features and specs. The reason why the OS may feel stale could be simply because we've already done it all in terms of the maturing of the Mobile OS. This also goes for iOS. Now we have to look further, we have to look at merging multiple platforms to create a holistic experience, however this is just another way for the company to lock you into their ecosystem.

But what about services? . . . Are those evolving also Chrome Entertainment. . .

To be continued in Chapter 3. . .