What exactly does this Nokia X Port to Run Google services imply? Ramifications?

It is understood that most of the media seem to see the hack of the Nokia X in a negative light. I'm sure many of us who happen to know the markets these devices are targeted to understand that this means absolutely nothing. Most people there care very little about the OS like the west does not to mention figuring out how to root their devices. I come from a country where Nokia Windows Phones have been Called "Nokia Android" or "Lumina Android". Of course the implications of this move by Nokia and subsequently, Microsoft is up for debate but I digress.

I have read a few articles relating to the Nokia X root and none of them have addressed the probability of the opposite scenario; does this also mean regular Google Android devices can also get rooted to use Nokia's services? Is anyone out there working on this? What are the ramifications if OEMs who already use AOSP or even Android devices running Google services decide to build their devices using the Nokia X platform? Is there a likelihood of this happening?