Best iPhone 5s case?

So… I've been looking at iPhone 5/5s cases. My priorities are:

1. Case must protect the screen from shattering

2. Style & slimness


The official leather one from Apple is nice, however the bezel only sticks out a tiny bit from the screen, which means the protection from a face-down drop is bad. (I think?)

So I'm thinking I should probably get a bumper case, or any other case that has a rubber or plastic bezel around the screen. And I'm pretty sure a screen protector won't help at all, it will only protect the screen from scratches.


This spigen case looks nice. It has a plastic frame that you put on top of a polycarbonate bumper which seems to make it fit pretty snugly. Other cases consist of a single piece that has to be a bit elastic in order for you to be able to mount it, which means it doesn't fit very snugly.

What case do you use? What are your impressions of the official apple case?