The iPod Classic

It's probably been around a couple of years since I seriously thought about the iPod line. My iPhone has replaced every notion of a mobile device in my own mind, so the iPod hasn't had much usefulness with me since my 2009 iPod Touch or my 2007 iPod Nano. The iPhone can do everything that both of these devices can do and take it a step further by adding more powerful hardware, more sensors, and a cellular radio; but the iPhone has always been an expensive device and internal storage has come at a steep cost. For all of that cost, the iPhone still pains me with it's small 16GB storage, meaning my music is compressed and hand-selected before each sync.

There's still one iPod the iPhone can't compete with, because with it I don't have to forego all these measures to cram as much music as possible in the smallest space imaginable. This weekend I picked up an old 2007 80GB iPod Classic (the first of the "Classic" line) for the sole purpose of stuffing all of my media content on it, including podcasts and movies. For a modern player the display is small with a low pixel-density, it's relatively under-powered, the spinning mini-HD is slower than newer flash-based storage (and less reliable), and it's quite thick too. Despite all of this, it's been my saving grace.

In fact, ever since I was a kid I wanted one of these iPods. One day in school I remember someone brought in the plastic black iPod (pre-classic moniker) and everyone in the class ogled over it like a precious jewel, took turns borrowing it out of classes, and showed it off to their own friends. It was back during a time when the iPhone did not exist and everyone wanted an iPod to show off, where everyone obsessed and talked about iPods like they were social trophies (really, just like the iPhone is today).

I'm currently in the process of syncing the rest of my library and thought I might share this while I waited, wondering if anyone out there still used an iPod and or they had anything to share on the topic.