Why iPad has the Best Multitasking Skill

Every commercial from any company who mocks iPad's multitasking prowess has never used iPad's four-finger gesture.

iPad has the best and most beautiful multitasking capability.

Using four fingers, you can swipe left, right and up. You can swipe right to an open Safari and search for an excerpt to an article. Then copy it. Swipe back to your Pages app and paste it there. No need to drag to split screen into two. No need to drag in a cumbersome experience like in Samsung Touchwiz. Splitting apps into two in Touchwiz resembles the feeling when a turbulence hit an airplane. No proper animation. No proper splitting design. It simply looks awful. Never awesome. And the apps looks like a program in desktop congested in small screen.

Some may argue. But there's no pleasure in watching YouTube while reading a text in split screen. Why not just swipe up, right or left.