How much would you pay for the Moto 360?

Now now, before you jump to the $250-$300 number, let's back up here for a second and think about it.

Think about how much you might be willing to spend for a good regular watch. Obviously there are all sort of tiers to that market, but I'm sure many of you are aware that a proper wrist watch easily starts around $200 bucks, you blink and it's $300, blink again and it's $400-500, and so on. I'm not even talking about the crazy extravagant stuff like $4-5k for a watch, just good watch. For a great watch start looking at $1k and up. Now, not everybody obviously pays that kinda money for a watch but we accept it. When Citizen comes out with a $1500 watch we don't see forums being flooded with angry fanboys screaming about the high price - it's just par of the course. And let's face it, with a few exceptions, most of that money is just for the brand. Then again, most of these brands earned their reputations over decades of quality products, not because they released a shiny gadget half a decade or so ago (I'm exaggerating to make a point, don't bite my head off).

Anyway, so then we have something like the Moto 360. Let's ignore the "brand" for a second and just look at the "craftsmanship". Granted, it's not as intricate as a whole bunch of tiny little gears, in fact most of it is made and assembled by machines, but you can't ignore the time and money that went into R&Ding this thing. Circular screen; components that have been further miniaturized to fit essentially a smartphone into an even smaller form factor; making sure this whole is constructed well enough that it doesn't just fly off your hand (I'm making some assumptions here, but I don't think they're unreasonable), and so on. So how much is that worth - only $200-300 bucks? Personally for me, yeah kinda - I think $400 is as far as I'll go for the Moto 360? Am I severely devaluing the work put into it? Am I just expecting a price that I've been "conditioned" to expect based on past gadgets?

And what about the brand? Clearly Moto hasn't yet earned the kind of brand recognition as Apple for example have, and definitely not like Citizen, or Seiko, or Tissot (watches)? But will we ever see another company do that? I mean even Apple, with its brand recognition is still pretty much stuck in that $400-600 range (iPads, iPhones, not counting the memory upgrades). Will it be, can it be, different with watches? Would you ever pay $700-800 for a smartwatch? What about $1k?

And if not then why not? Is it just the brand, or the lack thereof? Or do you just not think that, as sophisticated as a smartwatch might be, it's worth that much? What if say Rolex were to partner up with Apple and build a "luxury" version of the "iWatch", with golden rim and what not - would you pay $2k for it or would you just dismiss it as one of those stupid, overpriced "luxury' phones like the Porche designed Blackberry or whatnot?