Great apps that have an obvious or annoying flaw

I thought I would make a thread about great apps that you love, but have some big missing feature or obvious-to-you problem that you just wish would be fixed already. Who knows, maybe the developers see this thread and fix it. (Probably not, but we can always dream.)

I shall begin. My apologies if this post is a bit rant-y. Once again, I love all these apps:

Pocket: How about some new typeface choices already? Instapaper and Read It Later are inferior apps in most respects, but they totally blow Pocket away when it comes to their selection of typefaces. Personally, I'd like to see Pocket add something similar to the Caecilia font used in the latest Kindle update, or the Elena typeface used in Instapaper. But even if they don't want to pay royalties and licencing fees for fonts (I understand, this stuff is expensive), they could at least give us the option to use Roboto Slab. It's free, dammit!

Amazon Kindle: On the subject of the Kindle app, the new redesign is great! But how adding support for immersive mode? How many lines of code would that possibly entail? Like, two or three?

Google Keep: Since Keep is 1) made by Google, and 2) technically considered part of the Google Drive suite, it's crazy to me that it doesn't have the most obvious missing feature: the ability to share and collaborate on notes with other Keep users. It would be great to use a shopping list, for one thing.

Google Play Store: Why is there still no option for gifting apps, games and other media? Oh sure, we can make a wish-list, but it's effectively just a list of static bookmarks. And now we can gift in-app purchases in games, a feature that basically nobody was asking for. (Oh, and thanks for further incentivising the very worst trend in mobile game design, by the way.) But still no option to gift apps?

MX Player: Why has Chromecast support not been added yet? Yes, I know about Avia, AllCast, LocalCast, and several other apps that can do this. But I don't want those apps! I just want to Chromecast using my beloved MX Player. Is that too much to ask?

Okay, that's all I've got for now.