World's most corrupt Govt now blocking MS-Nokia Deal!!

Indian Govt, the worlds most corrupt Govt is now blocking the MS Nokia deal as well. It must be noted that this current Corrupt Govt has already made doing business impossible in the country, by having legal tussels with world class companies BMW, Vodaphone etc as well, simply because they haven't paid their share of bribe to the Govt.

In this particular case, Nokia seems to be ready to take the hit and shut down its Indian Plant, which anyway produces feature phones having tonnes of problems compared to Nokia phones of the past imported from China.

Do you believe,:

1. This deal is taking too long to complete? I mean 1 year thats way too long compared to the deals like, HP-EDS or say HP-Compaq or say IBM letting their PC Division go to Lenovo. Etc.

2. Should MS be even concerned about the Nokia's manufacturing assets? Most of the Nokia's manufacturing assets are already closed and almost all the Lumia's are being assembled from China, just like the case with iPhones.