Is Josh the 'Kim Kardashian' of tech?

It didn't occur to me until watching those few seconds at the beginning of today's vergecast (March 20) when Josh makes sure that everyone has a very clear understanding that he's now using an Asha 210 phone.

Yes, I get that he slammed the phone's speed and whatnot, but just the fact that when doing the 'mention' above, he had this smirk on his face that screamed "Ok, I know I'm not fooling anyone, but what a boy has to do to bring home the bacon ".....

Keep in mind that The Verge is hugely visited by countries where this phone is mainly targeted, places like India and other emerging economies that happen to have a lot of Verge readers. And then, during the show, he makes super-sure to make a tweet (a part of the deal?) with a photo of Dieter and David, but more importantly, showing that it was done by this phone. AND soliciting retweets, mind you.... Mmmmhhhh... interesting.

Before flaming me (and oh boy do I feel it coming), take one minute (literally), replay just the first minute and pay close attention.

Anyone else got the same vibe?