Commenters Need To Change Their Perspective on Reviews

I'm really annoyed at the uproar almost every single review gets on this website. As if a review from The Verge is the be-all-end-all say in technology. If you disagree with a score, or even something a writer said about a product, great, good for you.

You will notice the review is just the experience of one single person and they have explained in detail why they had this experience and felt the way they did about the product. Just because one guy thought a chromebook was a better deal than a cheap windows laptop doesn't mean anything to you, who might love windows. If you already know you would choose the windows machine this review is not for you.

A review is not supposed to tell you what to buy, it's supposed to give you one perspective on the pros and cons of a machine or two. You can then use your own judgement to decide how those pros and cons apply to you. If you read the review and decide that your priorities are actually the reverse of the reviewer, hey, you can choose the other product. It's not something you have to attack The Verge and their staff for.