Need a couple of App suggestions

Hey guys,

I really like the default reminder app on my Mac, but I need one function that isn't there: I have list for normal tasks and one for music-specific exercises. Reminders got this covered. But I want to keep them separate once they are completed. Like having two 'completed' lists using the two distinct categories.

The app should also sync with the iPhone, for I write these reminders on my computer and 'check' them on the phone.

The second one:

I like the Drag-and-Drop function the VLC-app uses for videos (though with the annoying detour via iTunes).

Is there a music app that has the same functionality for FLAC and .mp3 formats? One that also supports Bluetooth sound output?

Third (only Mac):

I use Bluetooth speakers or Headphones. A Windows computer would use the headphones as output when plugged in and the BT-speakers when that is not the case. Is there any way to get that simple functionality in OSX?

Thank you kindly!