what cloud to save photos in ?

hi there

so as my family is getting bigger, local house server computer for photo storage and backup seems unfitting for the era, so i am looking to move my family to the cloud

what do i need ?

total private folders per account, that can be shared with others to contribute and view, that's about it beside other basic photo tools (tags...etc)

my first place to look was onedrive, since all my travel photos goes there anyway + the awesome windows 8 integration (view complete thumbs, download to edit, auto re-upload)

the problem ? max space was 200gb.... and i got atleast 600 gb worth of photos in my library, and without a family plan that really sucks

so what are the alternatives ?

flickr was too complicated when it comes to permissions and the app for mobile was messirable

google+ .... i dont really trust them,,,, but if any one has a good experience please do tell

bircasa...etc although these services look good, but i feel they can shutdown at any moment :D

what else is out there ? how does dropbox deal with photos ?

i only wish PLEX had a cloud storage service, been serving/transcoding my 9tb video library for years over there