Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xbox

Gonna throw this product idea out there:

I own a Surface Pro. It connects to my Surface Arc Touch mouse via Bluetooth. The reason why I bought the mouse is because it's small, frees up a USB port, compact and ultra mobile, and offers much better functionality than the touch pad.

The Surface Pro is also quite good for gaming, however, I myself am terrible at keyboard gaming and much prefer the format of the Xbox controller. The Xbox One controller is supposedly going to support wireless gaming with the Surface range, however mobility wise, the controller takes up space in a messenger bag, thus ruining the features of mobility and compatibility of the Surface.

SO, Microsoft pushing for this ONE unification of their entire ecosystem, why don't they offer an app for Windows phone that emulates the Xbox's controller? The problem I foresee with this is the positioning of the trigger buttons, although that could be located in the top corners or even incorporated into the build of a potential new 'Surface Phone'? Also the joysticks being able to click in would be a design consideration to think about, however a double tap to click in and to run for example would be easy to implement. Or even pressure sensitive screens to respond to the applied force, again possibly for a future 'Surface Phone'. You could even incorporate the phones vibration to act as a rumble pad?

I've seen the Smartglasses functionality and am guessing it could even be incorporated into that all. Similarly, an entire new app could be created that not only replicates the Xbox's controller, but also a touchpad and a keyboard for desktop pc users, for easy wireless input connectivity??



Post your thoughts and opinions :)