LG G2: Keep or get Nexus 5/Moto G?

When i got my LG G2, I really, really liked the flashy effects and whatnot. But,after the release of Android 4.4, i really wanted that clean design. So I installed Cyanogenmod 11 on it. I was aware that this was unfinished and could cause problems, but i was willing to take that because i really liked the design. And at first, it was really great, the battery life was phenomenal. But then there were more and more random reboots and SystemUI crashes. And last night i woke up and found that my Phone was searing hot, so i unplugged it. Today i cant even start it any more, its stuck in a bootloop. I can probably fix this, but in the last couple of months, my attitude towards Phones has changed. I used to want do mod them and that was fun, but now i really don't have the time or energy to do that. I think i have 3 options:

1. Keep the LG G2, go back to stock and live with the horrible design of stuff like the dialer.

2. Sell the LG G2 for 300-350 Euros and get a Moto G. I like its size, its design and of course stock android, but am worried about performance and about the camera.

3. Sell the LG G2 and get a Nexus 5. I like the display, performance, and stock android, but am worried about the battery and the size(the LG G2 was/is slightly to big)

Thanks in advance for any help!