WP8 Xbox Music playlists capped at 100 tracks?

Hey folks. So I've been a Zune user for nearly 4 years, and a forced Xbox Music user since wp8. Anyway, I've made a few playlists on my 920 for exercising and whatnot, but I was confused because I seemed to be hearing the same songs most of the time. Turns out no matter how large my playlist is, I only seem to be able to play the first 100 tracks. :(

For example, my 'Exercise' playlist has 148 songs. If I look at it in the Playlists section, it contains all 148 songs, and I can scroll thru them all (though scrolling seems to be another issue, but anyway...). But as soon as I hit that little triangle Play icon, it jumps to the playing screen and if I look at the track list it has cut my playlist off after 100 songs (I counted). Same thing goes my another playlist I have containing 246 songs. And if I go back and remove the 100th track from the playlist, then it seems to simply move track 101 up a spot and cuts if off there.

Is there a 100 song hard cap that I'm not aware of? Is there a setting somewhere that I need to tick? Help me out, this is really frustrating!!

Thanks for your time.