The Verge Android app - more HOLO!

Not sure how you guys feel about it, but in my opinion the The Verge Android app could use some UI/UX improvements.

For example, the "sidebar" in the app doesn't use the three-lined icon so when navigating through the app for the first time, it's not really clear it's there even. It shows a backwards arrow instead, and that has led to confusion about when the sidebar is toggled. If I'm browsing the Forums, for example, I often click on the arrow, expecting the sidebar to pop up. However, it then goes back a page (which is obvious, but still).

Also, since you're not logging it via the app but rather via a webbrowser which is emulated in the app (?), you don't get to manage your profile like you can on the web version. Perhaps that'd be a nice addition to the app.

Apparantly the app hasn't been updated on the iPhone to match the iOS 7 UI either, so I figured I'd make a quick mock-up of what a HOLO-fied The Verge app would look like :-)