Perfect Windows 8 tablet is 1 generation away

I am currently an owner on a Surface Pro and Dell Venue 8 Pro and while both are great devices, they each have compromises. A device like Lenovo Thinkpad 8 comes very close but even it has some features that are missing.

Surface Pro/Pro 2 compromises (any intel i5 based tablet really): weight, thickness battery life, active cooling

Dell Venue Pro 8 compromises (any Baytrail Atom based tablet): performance (almost there), 64 Bit 4 GB+ of RAM, SSD support, good active digitizer support

I firmly believe that next generation of Win 8 tablets will be able to resolve these issues and offer an ideal portable Windows tablet experience. The question is, which line of processors/chipsets will be there first, CherryTrail or Broadwell?

My money is on CherryTrail.