Verge for mobile apps are in need of an update (or two...)

Earlier today, I've posted a mock-up for an updated The Verge app in the Android forums. However, I've noticed that the iPhone app lacks a few things as well.

Now, I'm trying to figure out how to make this known to the people at The Verge, so I figured I'd make a general post in the Mobile section of the forum.

What's wrong with the Android app? Well, for starters:

  • Design isn't 100% HOLO
  • Inconsistent/confusing UI elements (e.g. sidebar indicator)
  • Login through embedded browser instead of being implemented in the app itself.

What's wrong with the iOS app? Among other things:

  • Design isn't adapted to iOS 7, very bulky
  • Login through embedded browser, as mentioned earlier

I took the liberty to 'redesign' the The Verge app for both Android (according to the latest 4.4 guidelines) and iOS (according to the latest iOS 7 guidelines). Here's what I came up with: