Begginer looking for "buying camera" advice

Hi guys, I’m new to photography and I need your help for yet another "what camera/lens should I buy". I hope you don't mind I create yet another one :)

For the past 8 months or so I've been getting evermore interested in photography and I’ve been lurking around here in The Lens and other forums and I got to know the basic stuff (aperture, shutter speed, ISO..), but having only ever photographed w/ an iPhone 4S (for 2 years) and 2 Sony P&S (for about a month each) I have no practice whatsoever with manual controls. In that regard, I think it's time to get a camera in order to put some of that theory in practice.

With DSLR, mirrorless and M4/3 in mind, I excluded the first since I prefer lightweight. I know DSLRs can be the cheapest of the bunch (lenses included), especially for a begginer, but I honestly prefer a smaller system. As for the rest, I checked them all (Nikon 1, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony NEX...) and in the process became totally fascinated by the Fuji X system! Simply amazing! The m4/3 system is nice but Fuji X strikes me as my favourite since they’re light, have amazing IQ, stellar lenses, etc etc..

So, if I could afford it, my dream setup at the moment would be an X100S w/ Wide-angle converter, X-E2 (or X-T1) + 18-55, 14mm, 35mm, 56mm and probably a 3rd party short tele macro.

However, being a college student, this is the case and all of that equipment would also be a waste in my inexperienced hands. With that in mind, although I don’t have a budget per se, I feel that 1300€ (1740$, 1100£) is the absolute maximum I could ever justify spending right now. That leaves me with the following options (prices are the best I can get here in Portugal):

  • X-E1 + 18-55 f/2.8-4 = 699€ (940$, ~590£)
  • X-E2 + 18-55 f/2.8-4 = 1299€ (1740$, ~1090£)
  • Although, 35mm (FF equivalent) is a nice focal length (I would say my favourite but I never tried anything else..) and for that I would prefer the X100S which is available for 1100€ (1450$, 920£). If used I can get one for about 720€ (960$, 600£).

Except for the X100S, the X-E1/X-E2 kits are actually cheaper (or the same) for me to buy them brand new since the best ebay deals seem to be UK exclusive :/ I must say I do have a particular interest in the X100S (seems like the perfect camera for me) since the FOV is exactly the same as my iPhone which I’m used to and love but since I’m not gonna be able to spend such amount of money for ~2 years, the fixed focal length leaves me in doubt due to the lack of versatility. I could see the possibility of spending another 500€ or so in about a year, but that only buys me a 35mm or 60mm f/2.4, not even a used X100S :/

In order to get a more informed advice, I should say my main uses of the camera will be:

  • Landscape, travel and general photography (really important)
  • Street photography (Hello X100S :) - I absolutely love this genre of photography and would like to at least give it a serious try)
  • Some event photography for our students’ association (mostly indoors, almost no windows so quite a low light environment. It would be nice, but this is not a decisive factor)
  • Portrait (not that much really, but the option would be nice)

So, to conclude, I’d like to ask you if you find that the X-E2 is worth almost 2x the price of X-E1 for my use cases and if, for the 2 year period that I won’t be able to buy another camera/lens, in your opinion, the X100S would suit me or I should opt for the versatility the zoom offers, having in mind that this will be my first camera ever and my only option for that time period.

Any comments/suggestions are more than welcome!

Thank you!