Motorola Design Inconsistency

The moto 360 has likely excited much of the tech community and it has really made me actually believe in smart watches. Hopefully they can price it right at 300$ max but prefereably 250$. The design is so far looking to pretty outstanding design and quality materials. And they have again successfully managed to not leak any information before or after the announcement, while still showing prototypes of the watch and dodge vaporware doubts. Yet I cant shake the feeling of slight dissapointment

I currently have a Cherry-Black Moto X with Blue Accents and love the design. The Moto 360 might even be my next purchase, even if I have to hold off on upgrading on my phone. But currently with the leather bands and the metal they have shown show no consistent design language with the current Motorola Phones. My dream is to have a cherry leather band with a blue accented metal watch (Or maybe the other way around).

Tl;dr ; Do you think Motorola is making a mistake not following their current design language and starting over for watches to achieve a modern style?