Surface Pro 2: First impressions from an Android fanboy

This was me.

We ended up deciding to forgo the LTE for now, and will get a dongle if we decide it's needed. Currently have the Surface Pro 2 sitting on my desk, setting it up, mine to play with for the next week or so.

Damn, this thing is nice. Like really nice. The screen is spectacular, and I love the stylus. OneNote is fun to play around with, I can definitely see a ton of use cases. The camera is disappointing, but it's a tablet camera, so it's fine. This screen is so beautiful. The type cover is pretty nice, not used to the touchpad, I don't think I like it, I prefer the stylus. It's weird and amazing at the same time to have full Windows on this. W8 works really well on the device, it's a pretty solid OS.

If I didn't need Photoshop, I'd love this thing as a primary machine, docking it when I get home. It's a spectacular device. For now, the desktop + Chromebook supplement works for me, but damn, this device really, really makes me want to justify otherwise.