Nilay moving to "" makes sense...But sometimes I don't like what makes sense.

Rumors have begun stirring, Mainly by reports from recode, say that Nilay may be moving to "". This makes total sense, Nilay has a degree in law and is the one mainly deciphering and explaining Law to us and his co-workers. It makes sense. But I dont like it. Nilay takes a while to get warmed up to but once you listen to what he has to say, it makes sense and holds value, value I don't think "The Verge" can do without. Rumors that him and Josh not getting along make sense, they have worked together a long time and may be getting tired of each makes total sense but I dont like it and I hope that this rumor will be debunked loudly by either Nilay or Josh in a fiery rant! But until then I hope Nilay does what he thinks is best for him.