My thoughts about Cook and Apple

Everyone everywhere loves to talks about apple. What they are doing, what they are not doing, what they are going to do, etc... With all the Fanboys, Haters, and everyone else in between offering their "educated" opinions of what they feel is right.

So here is mine. I think these next 2 years will be the defining moment not only for Apple, but for Tim Cook, It is easy to ride the iPad or iPhone train, but developing a new product or trying to define a new category is no easy task. I'm afraid that the public is waiting for Apple to just that.

What remains to be seen is that Apple under Cook will release at least 1 completely new product in a new category or redefine an existing product in an existing category. This would either be a watch/band, a new set top box, etc... The question is will Apple be able to bring the magic as they have historically done in the past.

The technology environment and landscape is not what it was in 2007 and 2010, it is 100 times more competitive and honestly speaking there are companies out their with the chops to go head to head with Apple from a hardware, software, or service perspective.

Hey I think Apple will do what they do. I do not think we will see some revolutionary iPad or iPhone type of product in the near future, but Apple will make things other companies cannot, mainstream. And I think that will more or less be how we define Tim Cook and Apple moving forward.

I am sure I might get some hate for this...but just my thoughts