Apple users are the victim of a disgusting stereotype.

It's been happening for a long time, but I'm particularly annoyed by it tonight following the news that iPhone 5C outsold all other handsets (excl iPhone 5S) in Q4 last year.

One born every minute.

It's very clear we're all idiots. The reason the 5C has sold the most is because the world is full of idiots willing to buy it. I guess we're all being mugged off by Apple, right? We're paying a premium for a crappy screen of static icons.

People love to point out this very awful and incorrect stereotype.

One thing that came to my mind that some very successful, rich celebrities have been paid to promote Android and Windows Phones, but always end up going back to their Apple devices or using them TO promote these products.

Notably - Oprah Winfrey (Samsung), Holly Willoughby (Windows Phone), Alicia Keys (Blackberry), Ellen Degeneres (Samsung), Tennis star David Ferrer (Samsung)

And these are the examples in recent memory. Apple must be doing something right if these extremely rich, successful people would rather use an iPhone than these products they've been given for free?

I'm sure there is an exhaustive list of reasons why Apple products are better than the competition. And I'm not saying they ARE better because celebrities want them, but surely it makes sense that they're good products if people would rather pay for Apple products than get competitors products for free.