looking for an ultrabook

Hi Vergers,

now its my turn, im looking for a new ultrabook, my three last laptops were in the following order 1 An averatec 10" full laptop, this was before the netbooks era, it had a pentium cpu, dvd drive/burner combo, and decent battery life, great machine for it's time, after that i had a convertible from hp, a hp touchsmart tm2, this one was awfull, it got always really hot, wasn't linux friendly, it was a mess, but it had touch and while heavy, you could still use it as a tablet. since may 2011 my latest has been a sony vaio sb, which has been good most of the time, i like the keyboard, and how light it is.

but now it is time to get a new one, i do live in germany, so i need something available here, i don't want to spend more than 1200 euros, if possible less than that, i would like for my next machine, to be light, to have good battery life (7hrs or more), haswell cpu, idealy irish pro graphics, at least 256 ssd, no less than 8 gb ram, and a touch display, full hd at least.it needs to be linux friendly, so i won't be getting a sony, i also won't buy anything apple, so please no macbook air or pro suggestions.

i like the dell xps, the 13" is probably the laptop i like the most, i like how compact it is, smaller bezels than most others, there is even a developer edition with ubuntu out of the box, but it has some problems, the biggest one being the lack of a sd card reader and a hdmi port. the dell xps 15" is probably the best laptop you can get in a ultrabook format, the problem at least for me is the price, i can't afford it, nor have the time to save for it.

i love the yoga pro 2 concept, but battery life from what i have read is not good at all, i also read performance issues, and graphics troubles, so i dont know.

i i haven't read about any other ultrabooks with iris pro 5200 graphics, so, if i do get a laptop bigger than 13" i would like for it to have a dedicated gpu.

what would you suggest?

i found this, it is not a premium device, and doesn't hit all the points, but comes close, iḿ not sure for now, so if anybody knows about something better, please let me know.

LENOVO IdeaPad U430 TOUCH 59405813 [14''FullHD; i5-4200U; 8GB; 256GB SSD; WIN8.1]