what is the verge's reason for being?

sorry - seriously pompous title.

What I mean is - Josh has made it clear in recent vergecasts, while there still were vergecasts, that he doesn't see this primarily as a technology site - he's right, it's why we all love it. He's been clear that he sees it as technology in culture, and that that basically can mean any number of things.

I go along with that as far as it goes, but I think deep down, I came here because it was a beatnik, smart, impassioned take on technology. People I would actually want to listen to about tech. That you got a conversation about technology you wouldn't get anywhere else?

lately josh has openly derided the idea of continuing to review and or talk about yet another slightly differently sized android phone/tablet. Again I get it, but I wonder a little at throwing your hands up completely like that. Someone else made the point that the verge got going on the wave of innovation post the iphone/ipad - a total explosion of devices and rapidly advancing, brand new OS's and that lately everything is a little bit becalmed for want of a better word.

Again fine, but I just don't know. I don't know what anyone's next is anymore. Also, god help me I miss Paul frankly. he was a peculiarly insightful dude, and the chemistry between him and Josh was somewhat to die for. I still don't completely forgive the verge for what went down on the night of his return to the internet. I think some people were wearing animal masks that night. that sh*t got weird. Anyway - digression. That's a side point.

I think a lot of this is because Nilay is now effectively gone, along with Paul and Joanna. Patel was an extremely smart dude, and he taught me more than I would have otherwise known about a lot of key legal issues around telcos, privacy and stuff. Nilay represents and was quite a bit of what I thought about, when I thought about the verge. I don't buy any of the insinuations in the re/code piece. Nilay is heading up vertically, Paul, God love him, is trying to write a book, which is no fun as a pastime, and Joanna Stern is, you know, at the bloody wall street journal. Josh tends to take an inordinate amount of stick, because he can be the least cuddly, and he has an acerbic wit. I guess what I mean is that I associate the verge with certain people. Thank god Josh is still around. That would be the last straw.

It just feels like a point in time or something.

on the issue of technology being boring, I'd say (scrabbling around) that I, er, let me see, know nothing about the chinese services, their search giant, their social services? the state of play with weird french attempts to prove they're still down with the kids as internet company types? basically I still want this site to feel fundamentally engaged with technology in the way that drew me into it. I think it's important to feel that the people here still feel tech in their bones or something. Even such that they express their irritation. That they critique it. I want that voice.

In the end I don't think the verge can throw its hands up and say technology, in the direct sense, has become boring to them. Even if it has, I don't think its a great idea to vocalise it. you have to dance with the one that brung you. It's an open question whether I would weigh the verge as stronger on the turf say grantland, or the awl or whatever covers.

sorry - that was really long winded. Also, you know: Paul.