Surface 2 / Win RT battery drain when "sleeping"

Alright, so if this was just another device-specific issue it would be better to relegate it to a more specialty forum, but it sounds like this is an issue for many RT devices, so here it is:

My Surface 2 with Type Cover, now two weeks old: god do I like this thing! So much pleasure in ownership and so much utility for me, mainly in my small business. I could go on...not to say I don't have a running wish list of kinks I would love to see ironed out or features I'd like to see added (robust VPN support, lookin at you...)

But the one "kink" that really detracts from my overall pride, joy, and git-er-doneness is this: the thing must be shut down every time, or else the next time I pull it out, it will be warm to the touch and the battery will have gone down by 15-20% for every hour it was supposedly in sleep mode. And by shut down, I don't mean, press shut down and close the cover...but wait for the full shutdown to occur before closing the cover. It is maddening/heartbreaking to pull this thing out right at the moment of need and to find it whirring away and battery life at 8%. Not to mention, unacceptable for this kind of device, exactly the opposite of the go-anywhere, do-anything ethos of Surface.

So you see, I don't view this as just another bug to work around. This is a critical issue with Surface and, to the extent it applies to other RT devices, RT as a whole. This has to get dealt with or this is a blow to the kneecaps of an already none-too-strong fleet of RT devices. I want to not just be a fan, but an advocate for Surface. But with involuntary power drainage happening routinely, I cannot.

What do you all think: does this happen to you? Is this likely to get fixed SOON? And what's the damage?