Is it too late to buy a 5S?

Recently my (hated) Samsung Galaxy S3 broke down. I was given the chance to upgrade and am deciding between a Nexus 5 and a 5S. But with Apple usually releasing their new iPhone in September/October, I've been stuck as to whether i should go a few months with a flip phone, or purchase a 5S.

Is it too late to buy a 5S? Will it feel outdated in a year? Should i wait for the iP6?

Edit: I know most probably won't read this,but if you need to know, I'm on T-Mobile and can currently upgrade whenever I want and buy pretty much whatever phone I want.

I've decided to send it to Samsung and see what they can do, if they can't do anything then it's probably 5S for me. If they fix it then I'll hold out on my GS3 until The iP6