HTC One M7 vs HTC One M8

Just in case you had nothing better to do and did not want to wait until tomorrow... Here's a good catch on the two Ones side by side.

(It does not allow me to embed, I don't know why - click here in case it is not shown)

I personally think it's too big, the chassis is definitely in the phablet zone despite the "small" 5" display, and the overall look is one small step behind the M7 in my opinion. I might change my mind with the black version in my hands, but I'm not so sure. Still think that the Xperia Z2 is a more interesting device.

PS_ Though it is not said in the video, I happened to know that besides all the gimmicky Zoe/focus-after-the-fact thing the 16MP 'combined' shots are possible (and quite good apparently), and the phone is water resistant (not sure if entirely waterproof). You have all the rights not to trust me, but 24 hours won't last long - and you have 10 minutes of video to enjoy. :)

What do you think?