Xbox Music & Video, and Windows Media Player. Why do we have all 3?

Something occurred to me today, when using my new Logitech G19s keyboard. Windows Media Player still has several features that Xbox Music and Video may never receive. Stuff like remote control via smartphone apps and remotes, and information displayed on Keyboards with LCD screens (I know its not a common setup, but still another feature).

This led me to think, why wasn't Windows Media Player and the Music and Video apps integrated similar to Internet Explorer? I mean, you still get all 3 in Windows 8, and if they made it a hybrid app, like IE10 & 11, it would just require a rebrand of WMP to Xbox Media or something, and combining the 2 Music and Video, apps under the same name.

This would allow users to switch between the 2 environments without issue. Certainly in cases like mine, where I use the Music app, but suffer from the permanent volume drop when there's a system sound or the mic is used, it would be useful, as I like listening to music whilst playing games. It would allow existing apps to work with the new player, and those who prefer the desktop environment to use the Xbox services.

I think Microsoft missed a big trick when it created separate media apps for each environment. And it's probably too late for it to be implemented now. But what are your thoughts? Do you agree, or am I in the minority?