Weekly non-gear thread March 24 (whups day late) - 30 (working title)

Welcome to the alpha test of the weekly non-gear thread.

The goal of this thread is to have a discussion on various photography topics that do not have to do with gear. If you have any ideas on subject matter feel free to message me and I'll make it happen.

This may be a weekly or bi-weekly thing depending on how often I can come up with a topic to talk about. It also might not be too popular a thread and may just die off.

A few rules…

1) Keep an open mind. Debates are bound to pop-up so let's keep it friendly. (though imo the lens forum has a lot of nice people and basically troll free compared to the other places like the comment sections on the Verge)

2) Have fun!

That's about it for now



This week's topic is something fairly personal to me--I tend to hate the photographs I make. After reviewing my photographs, I often say to myself "What the hell was I thinking?". Do you hate your own work sometimes? What are your insecurities? Do you have advice for others to overcome this? This is definitely not a vanilla topic and may be too much for the first ever non-gear thread but I thought it would be interesting to see everyone's perspectives on this. I also believe that this happens across all skill levels and many people should be able to participate.