So this was released in the UK and I've been using it these past few days. It really feels like the first step towards the future.

Don't get me wrong, it's not even close to perfect and there are a few very annoying things, like not being able to cast certain clips from Youtube, which I don't fucking understand, pardon my French. Or the fact that sometimes it just doesn't work.

But it really feels like this is where TV should be going. I don't have cable, or even an aerial. I loathe TV and the condescending level of programs that it delivers, most of which is mind-numbing. Also, I don't have enough time, so I want to watch what I want when I want. And this small dongle delivers. Sure, I'd love if there were more things that would support, if there was a good enough mirroring app, if Google Play Music would let me play my music, from my phone without moaning about not being uploaded into Google's Cloud.

And I've realized that Youtube needs a big improvement. It has a great wealth of content but no straightforward way to enjoy it. Especially when it is coupled with Chromecast. What I'd like is a daily generated playlist, pulled from my channels, that I can start casting when I get home each night, without me having to trying to work the very wonky queuing system. And it would be really great if it could remember where my clip left off when I switch devices. Something like that would be a feature I would be willing to pay for. I've seen some attempts from a few app developers to do this, but their implementation is very buggy and limited to general news.

Also, why aren't more developers supporting this thing already? I'm sure there are millions of users worldwide already.