What would be your dream phone with todays technology?

I just looked through the new HTC One, and did not get the same warm feelings I got last year. In fact, nothing I've seen so far this year has given that to me.

I currently have an HTC One, but for my next device, I want a note 3 class device in terms of size. And if I had the Franken-Phone powers of component splicing, these are the features I'd want.

  • Note 3 Casing (reminds me of a bigger s2, which I always thought was a great looking phone)
  • lumia 1020 camera + microphone that supported 4k video recording at 60 fps, or 1080p recording at 120 fps
  • AMOLED display (my htc one screen is fine, but I MISS the perfect blacks of amoled screens)
  • Latest lte bands for my carrier (I'm on sprint, and samsung chose support only one of the THREE lte bands sprint has)
  • 3000+mah battery
  • Best in class antennae design for maximum signal reception, especially while I am traveling in my car.

The problem of course, is no device has all of these things. To get the amoled screen, I'd have to go samsung, but samsungs larger phones dont have the right lte bands, and while the camera is decent, the microphone quality is garbage in comparison to the One (something people keep ignoring in reviews, video recording with the One/Lumia is vastly superior to samsung/iphones when it comes to sound quality)
Example of an older sIII audio recording comparison, I don't have a video of how the note III compares, but I am pretty sure it does not match the ones dual membrane microphone (not sure if they still use those after nokia sued the company that sold them to HTC)

Every phone is a trade off. The s2 was the first android phone where there basically was no tradeoff in the android world for tech at the time. It was definitively the best.