A stab at what The Verge wants to be

This is just my idea so please not so much hate.

We've read a lot about how The Verge is falling apart and yada yada yada. We've also heard from Josh and his team about how we don't understand what they want The Verge to be and exactly what "intersection of technology, science, art, and culture" really is. I think the primary problem is people desperately wanting to pigeon hole The Verge into a category alongside the likes of Wired and Engadget. The Verge doesn't want to compete with Wired and Engadget, the Verge wants to be by itself, competing but still distinctly separate from sites like The Atlantic, Slate, Grantland, and others.

Think about it from this point of view -

Sports Plus

Grantland - "Sports and Pop Culture"

Grantland is known primarily as a sports website correct? Owned/funded by ESPN the editor and chief (Bill Simmons) is a long time sports writer. But Simmons wanted to do more, he wanted to create a site that, while focusing on sports, also wanted to integrate pop culture, some tech, and more. Thus the reason why he left the sports behemoth to create his own site.

Politics Plus

Slate - "Politics, Business, Technology, and the Arts"

Slate's line on the title of their homepage is perfect evidence to my theory of these sorts of sites that want to focus on one thing (politics in this case) but also have a touch in others.

The Atlantic - "News and analysis on politics, business, culture, technology, national, international, and life"

Starting to get my idea here?

Tech Plus

The Verge

I could go on for longer but I hope my point is getting across. The Verge wants to be Tech Plus. Furthermore, they - really Vox.com's arsenal of websites - want to do it by becoming the leader in online long form journalism, something that they arguably do the very best at. There's no point in arguing or complaining, its clear that The Verge is not just a technology site anymore (not that it ever really was). Their replacement for Nilay comes from a music background and there has been news of The Verge recently hiring a large amount of culture based reporters.