Recent iphone to Android Converts- how has it been? regrets

Hi. I am an iphone 4s owner and feel somewhat stuck on Apple, which is their goal. I have a MacBook and my entire family has an iphone.. so imessage, Facetime are used often.

I am jailbroken but also quite bored with ios and have been looking for something new. The new one intrigues me and I am always searching for something different. As a former HTC Evo owner, I like Android back in the day and clearly it has improved much,

Question- For those who had an iphone and switched to Android- how has the experience been? Has it been hard dealing with Apple folks? Do you use WhatsApp/Hangouts/Skype/SMS? I guess I could wait until iphone 6, but I'm quite bored with the current situation.

thanks for responding.