Facebook Acquisitions and their Almighty (Tempting) Dollar

Let's take a look at the 3 biggest FB acquisitions that come to mind:

Instagram - $1 Billion

WhatsApp - $19 Billion

Oculus - $2 Billion

The Business Model

Now... look at each of those and tell me how long the original company's business model would take to earn that kind of scratch. I'm not sure ANY of these would hit those numbers.

The Temptation

Everyone is getting upset with these companies for "selling out," but seriously... this was the best way to profit from their hard work, and by far. Wouldn't YOU say "yes" to billions... yes, BILLIONS of dollars? If you think you'd say "no," you're delusional.

With that kind of money, you could live out just about any dream, allow your close friends and family members to live out their dreams, and even help people you don't even know through charitable donations. That, to me at least, is more tempting than "not selling out."

The Truth

If you want to blame someone, blame Facebook, or even beyond that, blame yourself. Facebook doesn't get rich from nobody using it. It gets rich from probably ALL of us on this site (or at least the majority), because we all view their services and earn them ad revenue... so much so that we're at the point where Facebook can wipe it's ass with money and not blink. So much so that they can afford to make multi-billion dollar purchases without any guarantee that they'll ever get any return on the investment.

Let's stop aiming so much of our anger at the developers.