Flirting with the thought of Android

Apparently I've become that person who can't stick to a decision. Or I take forever to make one running through every possible outcome in my head. This is me in real life. It shows in my everyday relationships and it shows in my phone buying habits now. I've been flirting with the idea of returning back to Android. Why? - Because of the beautiful nexus 5. I had a chance to play with it for a third time and it's blazing fast. I don't know any Android phone that's faster. Even after playing with it I still chose iPhone. - Now HTC teased me with the M8. I don't even find it to be an attractive phone. I think it's big, oversized, useless black bar which is probably used as a way to let the signal come out the phone as well as show the logo. I also find it to be dare a over use of metal. I'm so annoyed with the phone I actually might have picked the Galaxy s5 over it. Now that's saying something. Actually I would especially since HTC is bringing blinkfeed to Google Play.

Now here's the hard part. When I got my iPhone I could not help but notice how many return text came back blue. There were probably only 5 green returns out of 25 blue. In other words 25 of my friends and family own iPhones and only five people are placed in the other section. I won't even go into how group messaging slays anything on Android. However for the first time I've been seeing people use hangouts out in public ... Kinda often actually.

BUT- here's why I've been interested with Android. Google has it's apps on the play store , Moto has it's on the play store. HTC will out there's on the play store, and lastly Android Wear. I could have the phone I want with the features from other devices in the future at this rate.

But would I ever switch back to the dark side. (where's that star wars pic of apple and Android when you need it. You know...with the lightsaber).