What do you think the Oculus Rift actually is?

People are sitting here acting like Facebook is going to destroy the Oculus Rift by adding ads to it and requiring a Facebook account to log in to the Rift. What do you guys think the Oculus Rift is? Its a fancy computer monitor. Its an output device that can track your head. The software most likely won't be extensive and will only require some drivers and a program to calibrate the head tracking. How exactly could Facebook mess that up? This is a hardware acquisition for Facebook, just like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have been doing for the past 20 years.

This is the exact same response that came out of the Xbox One launch. People are going to moan and complain about things they don't understand, and the Xbox One and Oculus Rift are going to just keep chugging along. All the complainers are is a vocal ultra-minority. Facebook buying Oculus is not going to kill it, just like they didn't kill Instagram.

Also, who cares what Markus Persson says? He developed one (albeit very popular) game and isn't even the lead developer on it anymore. He doesn't run Mojang. He also complained about Windows 8, then Mojang launched Minecraft on the Xbox 360. Markus Persson is irrelevant. He hates everything.

Grow up people