If Microsoft and the rest of the big 3 are making smart watches, do you think they will take off?

My opinion is a little odd, I still have not found a huge need for a tablet in my life so I do not know If I would want a smart watch. The things I do carry on my person are my iPhone 5S, my Zune HD (for music in the car) and my 2011 HP laptop (with Windows 8.1)! I can see using for fitness tracking and things of that nature! As a guy who is trying to get back into shape the Nike fitness app works wonders for me. It would be great to a small wrist device that does all that too!

I honestly I would wait to see what Microsoft and Apple have cooking up (if they even have anything cooking up). Then after I can judge all three I would finally make a decision. Yet I don't usually run out an buy the latest and greatest. (Case in point bought a Xbox 360, in Januray 2008 after plenty of games were out, I have little desire for a PS4 or Xbox 1 currently) I hope once Microsoft and Apple make one we can all weigh the pros and cons of them and choose which one works best.