Jumping from DSLR to Mirrorless

Having recently had my house (and trusty A77) burgled, I'm in the market for a new body with the opportunity to try a new lens ecosystem.

And so I read the news post about the upcoming Sony A6000 with eager interest. It'd be a whole load lighter and more portable than my chunky A77 (for example, climbing up Half Dome in Yosemite was a great experience, but the reduced weight would have been hugely welcome!). The real downside seems to be a very limited lens ecosystem, but it looks to be improving over time - and my needs are basic for now (just a fast prime, a versatile telephoto, and the standard kit option for walking about).

Given the high score given to the NEX-6, is it likely The Verge will review the A6000 when it's released? Searching online has only found previews, which is unsurprising as it's unreleased, but if anyone's found anything more in-depth please do share!

I'm also considering the A7, but I'm not sure I'd really exploit the benefits of full-frame just yet. It does intrigue me though, and it'd be interesting to try - but The Verge's review points out poor autofocus, which the A6000 is supposed to address at a more consumer-level price point.

It'd be great to hear from anyone who's got or played with an A7/A7R - is the autofocus delay significant? Could it have changed via a firmware update since the review was posted?

I'd also be open to other brands - Sony is simply what I know - so any other recommendations / ideas would be very welcome.

Many thanks!