Google needs to refine Chrome OS at higher levels of scrutiny

It's time they give Chrome OS the push it needs in the right areas. Google needs a tighter grasp of control on things and fix some leaking faucets to make this platform less of an eye soar.

Unified Notification Center

Android has this, why is this so improperly done on Chrome? We currently rely on separate extensions for notifications and that can use high amounts of internal resources. If they made this into a gesture, it would could change everything. Also, how about making this work with the Google Watch platform?

Separate Chrome Store

Google needs developers to be more consistent and force them to start using the packaged app. Enough with the bookmarks to websites. The more consistent the feeling is, the better the experience. Same goes with games, they should decide what to include Unity Player or Unreal Engine.

Push of Google services

By default Google should advertised offline packaged apps on the taskbar on the bottom by default when you fresh install. Make the consumer fall in love in with a packaged version Google docs. These things should be front in center to show the power and idea of what "apps" should be for future reference to other developers and not seo links.

New tab/memory scheme for multiple tabs

Installing a shitty third party extension is the not the solution to fix this. It would be cool if Google themselves actually put some more thought into this. Like imagine a memory purge of every tab on an inactive tab for X amount of time and that doesn't effective active videos or audio playing in the background.