Thoughts about buying a Nexus 7? (current iPad 2 and Nexus 5 owner)

I got my iPad 2 a couple months after Apple released it and I've loved it ever since. But, it's starting to show its age. Some of the more complex websites cause the browser to crash; it's just sluggish now. Obviously, the Nexus 7 is much cheaper than a full size iPad. I pretty much don't use any Apple-exclusive apps. I have tons of games, but I rarely play any of them. I spend the vast majority of my time using it in bed; pretty much exclusively web browsing, Twitter, and YouTube. So, the app situation isn't really an issue. I'm mostly concerned about battery life. Currently, I can get a solid 10 hours of use out my iPad spread over 2 days before it needs a charge. Is the Nexus 7 on that same level?