The best thing about this generation of flagships: button layout

Seriously. After nearly six years of Android phones, we're finally getting close to achieving some sort of consistency here:


Samsung is still doing this weird thing where they swap the outer buttons around for some reason (because: Samsung), but whatever! It's fine, Samsung. You get a gold star just for showing up. Otherwise, the only real holdouts are LG, Lenovo, and some of the smaller manufacturers (Oppo, Blu, etc.). But everyone else is on board. And LG could even fix their phones with a software update, if they wanted to.

At long last, the hardware menu button of evil is getting the painful death it so richly deserves.

I feel like the tech press in general is understating the importance of this. Sure, most of the big-name apps have already switched to Holo design, but there are still developers that use the old menu-button paradigm, enabled in part by manufacturers that encourage them. This is another step towards building a more cohesive and less-fragmented app ecosystem, which is a good thing for everyone.