Does it make any sense to get both Xbone and PS4?

Hello everyone!

I'm in the process of getting my first job(With not too big income, as I am 15 years old, almost 16). I thought for myself that i should save up for a gaming PC, but it seems it'll take me a bit too much time, and once i'll have enough, I'm pretty sure that some of the games that I *really* want to play like BF4 and CoD Ghosts will die in terms of the amount of players in the Multiplayer, it already happend to me with BF3.

So, I have a PS3, but I think it's a good time to move to the next gen. As most of the games that I want looks/plays kinda bad on the old gen platform.

I was thinking on saving enough money so I could get both Xbone and the PS4, as I could enjoy from both exclusives(Second son and Killzone looks great, but Forza, Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall? hmmm...), but then I thought for myself again, it seems that it will cost me too much money that I need to spend on school equipment and personal stuff. Maybe, I'll get just a PS4 for now, and later this year an Xbone, or maybe just a PS4 without thinking on the Xbone at all, or even getting an Xbone and being set for long long time, perhaps.

I'm sorry for that weird question, but it is important for me to get a next gen console until May, because of the new Wolfenstein! I'm so hyped! :)