Idea of putting the MS-Facebook relationship to good use.

I've posted the same thing on Wpcentral. So i'll put here

Hi Guys

I've been thinking about the MS and Facebook relationship. Since in WP8.1, Facebook will have special access to the people hub and have their FB app and messenger pre installed from what I heard. So I thought maybe in exchange MS can expand their services on FB , Bing is already used on FB search. I think they should....

note that Facebook has over 1 billion people using the social network.

- Include Xbox Live in Games on Facebook. There are many people who play games on Facebook. If Microsoft can tap into this area they would have instantly gained a potential 1 billion users.

- Include Cortana and notifications in Facebook. Imagine - I'm playing a game and I want to look at the weather or the stocks. I click on the Cortana icon and a window pops displaying info about the weather, stocks and birthdays etc. if I wanted to check my mail. I click on the mail icon and it displays my emails and what's in my inbox. This increases the usage of Cortana by a MASSIVE amount. This adds to the fact that Cortana is coming to WP, Xbox and Windows and most likely to other MS products

- Have a option to sign up an sign in with a Microsoft account. If people have a Microsoft account they can just sign in with their Microsoft account like what they do in, Onedrive et
So how does this benefit Microsoft, A LOT!. If they do these moves they would have a massive increase in usage of MS Service's from Cortana, and Xbox Live. But how does this all benefit Facebook, since because of these new features, Facebook becomes more competitive and more compelling to the user to sign up and Facebook becomes more integrated into MS's Products, Xbox, WP, Windows, Bing etc. therefore increases Facebook's and Microsoft's usage

So what do you guys think? Is this a good strategy to make. If so HOPEFULLY Microsoft listens :-)