What should gamers do about online harassment?

Many social critics (feminists, vocal minority groups, gay rights activists) say that many hateful speeches that go on during online gaming is harmful and ignoring said speech without 'calling it out' will allow it to fester. Many video game enthusiasts disagree and say that such speech is simply 'trolling' and addressing such speech will only allow more.

Further more, whenever potential social criticism is brought up, many video game enthusiasts (not all of them, not the majority, just enough to be heard) attack said critic for having an agenda or baiting. They, the video game enthusiasts, respond with the very same sexist, racist, homophobic language. Furthermore, many also claim that the media selectively chooses to bring 'only' the most controversial messages, thus which many claim paints the gaming community in a bad light. Which of these points do you agree or disagree with? Do you think critics have a right to be offended? What is the best way to handle harassment?